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The lady has lost interest in me, as in a lost person, to whom nothing and no one will help. I, continuing to smile strainedly, as the inhuman rules of the casino obliged me, paid fifteen dollars to “Madame Gritsatsuyeva”

Meanwhile, the “princes”, my only tanned-white-toothed hope for release, turned left from the stairs and headed to the far corner of the hall to the bespectacled Kirill, to the second blackjack, which greatly disappointed me, but did not save them either. Mother and daughters have already spotted potential suitors and even, perhaps, scanned the absence of wedding rings on their ring fingers ...

“So, girls, we are working,” the lady called on her babies in a whisper to take up arms.

seduction. - What did they teach you at these bride courses? What did dad pay for?

I forgot about roulette, about the rules of the casino, remembered my disordered personal life and pricked up my ears: such knowledge will not harm me either. Otherwise, there are only mistakes on the personal front.


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